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It's a train.. no, it's a computer.. can't it be both??

02 May 2013 #

I am delighted to let you spread the word about an amazing innovation from Lian Li, the acclaimed maker of computer cases. They have thrown caution to the wind and finally introduced the thing we’ve all been waiting for - the Choo Choo Train Computer Case.


Yes. Yes. Let that sink in. It’s a computer case shaped like an old steam-powered locomotive. It has a 300 watt power supply in the front section, and the cart can fit a Mini ITX motherboard, a slim optical drive, and a single internal hard drive. One might point out that these are somewhat weak specs as far as cases go, but hey, IT’S A FUCKING TRAIN.

But wait. There’s more. No, seriously, there’s more.

I saw that the case had 5 star revies, so I clicked to see what proud owners had to say about it.

This SKU, which ends in an S, does NOT move compared to the more expensive SKU that ends in an L. It has no motor, it’s just a case that looks like a train. The more expensive model [] actually has a motor and a transmission, and comes with extra rails, so it will roll back and forth when the computer is turned on.

Yup. Lian Li’s product page for this puppy is epic Not only is there a more expensive version that moves (and comes with “Rail x6” instead of “Rail x1”), there’s a limited edition one that has an atomizer. That’s right. It makes steam!

power train

Basically, I’m spent just thinking about this. The amount of space accommodated by the case isn’t ideal for the plans I have for an HTPC (I was on Newegg for a reason, afterall), and I definitely couldn’t handle “Rail x6” and a computer case scooting back and forth, but y’all know what to get me for my birthday now. I’ll make it work.

Unfortunately, it’s out of stock on NewEgg and I can’t find it for sale anywhere, so I fear that the opportunity may have passed. Who knows when Lian Li will elect to share their genius with us again? I’ll probably end up having to purchase one of these guys on Ebay for thousands of dollars as a collectors item years from now.